Enes Kanter Walking lunges at P3

Enes Kanter’s physical and athletic gains transferring to the court

Last night, Utah Jazz big man Enes Kanter turned in the best game of his young NBA career, scoring 23 points and grabbing 22 boards — both career-bests — in Utah’s win over the Bobcats.

This past off-season Enes spent 4-weeks training and testing at P3 – making important strides as an athlete. We posted on our initial observations of Enes in May, and on measured gains in August. From day one we pushed hard on lower body power and acceleration, complexing functional strength movements that forced hip extension with plyometrics and ballistic movements that challenged him to accelerate quickly and rapidly generate force from rested positions or a standstill.

Olympic lifts quickly become a staple of Enes’ P3 diet. Olympic lifts are great for Enes because they force him to accelerate and generate force rapidly from the ground up – something he struggled with on the basketball court and during initial P3 testing. They also require full hip/knee/ankle extension and good tempo (the quality of staying relaxed and accelerating through a movement ) which are key components of top-end power.

In this clip, P3 performance specialist, Sam Brown coaches Enes through a few power clean reps.

The main point is that Enes possesses very rare natural strength, even when compared to other NBA big men, and through hard work and smart training he has improved considerably in areas that were limiting factors, most notably rate of force development and time to peak force.

Due to the depth that the Jazz have in the front-court and the work capacity that Enes built during the off-season, he is able to put in a lot of time in the weight room during the season. This not only enables him to build on the gains he made during the off-season, it means that he will have a lot left in the tank for the Jazz’ playoff push.

This play from last night’s game exemplifies the determination and energy that Enes plays with and from our perspective shows an improved ability to accelerate, manage and redirect force.


  1. Kudos to P3 for the great training and to Enes for the hard work that he’s put in the off-season. With the Jazz being shorthanded of late, he’s certainly poised to get a lot more minutes this second half of the season.

    P3 has done a great job helping a lot of NBA players make improvements over the off-season, especially the big men who have to be more athletic in this day and age.


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